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In our link-list, we try to link only to active breeder of Siberian cats, which breed Siberian cats according to the WCF-Standard. You will not find links to breeders who cross the Siberian cat with other races, for example to obtain new colors or curly hair. We assume no liability if a breeder, linked in this list, does not breed according to the WCF breed standard. External link to a collection of mix-breeding at the bottom of this page.

Andorra 1
Brasilien/Brazil 1
Bulgarien/Bulgaria 1
Estland/Estonia 2
Griechenland/Greece 2
Kroatien/Croatia 1
Litauen/Lithuania 1
Luxemburg/Luxembourg 1
Neu Seeland/New Zealand 1
Schottland/Scotland 1
Slowakei/Slovakia 1
Slowenien/Slovenia 1
Spanien/Spain 2
Südafrika/South-Africa 2
Türkei/Turkey 1

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